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Architects & engineers

Comprehensive insurance cover designed for the unique challenges faced by professional firms.

We have an in-depth knowledge of modern-day practices in this sector, and our solutions have been created to meet the unique requirements of architects and consultant engineers.

Coverages designed to support architects & engineers

Markel UK offers a wide variety of coverages for professional risks such as architects & engineers.

We provide solutions and services for professionals such as:

  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Electrical engineering
  • Heating and ventilation engineering
  • Interior design
  • Landscape/garden architecture
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Planning supervisory/CDM activities
  • Town planning
  • Project co-ordination
  • Project management

Professional indemnity policies have traditionally been arranged on a standalone basis, but we provide a menu offering that allows other types of business protection to be arranged, often under the same policy – resulting in a robust insurance solution designed to minimise gaps in cover. Our menu of covers includes:

Responsibilities to third parties

Public and products liability, professional liability, entity defence, and management risks

Responsibility as an employer

Employers' liability, employment law protection

Protection of assets

Property damage, business interruption, money and personal assault, damage to portable property, fidelity, cyber and data risks, PR crisis management

Key products and services sold on a standalone basis to this industry:

Professional indemnity combined

Cover designed for firms operating in specialist sectors offering high-value or complex advice.


Cyber risks cover designed to protect against both liabilities and the policyholder’s own losses, including legal, IT security and regulatory costs.

Legal expenses insurance

LEI that’s delivered by trusted legal experts. In addition to our advice services, our in-house law firm provides specialist expertise when the unexpected happens.

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Additional services*

Clients also have access to additional services to help policyholders navigate everyday challenges. Depending on your coverage, you can opt in or add services you need for an additional cost.

Collateral warranty review

Policyholders can avoid legal bills with our fast and efficient collateral warranty review service.

PR crisis management

Expert guidance and advice on dealing with the media where a claim has the potential to result in adverse press attention. We’ll evaluate the situation and provide the necessary guidance and personal support.

Business and legal helpline

Markel’s in-house team of lawyers offers advice on everyday legal and employment matters such as GDPR and disclosure, contractual queries and employment disciplinary.

Business Hub

Access 850+ documents, contracts, templates and videos to support you.

*Please refer to your policy for exact services included. Learn more.

Cover designed for firms operating in specialist sectors offering high-value or complex advice

Professional indemnity combined

We’ve been providing professional indemnity solutions for over 30 years. Our professional indemnity combined product is provided as a ‘menu’ offering that allows other types of business protection to be arranged under the same policy. It is tailored to meet the needs of the sectors we operate in, with additional benefits to help navigate everyday challenges, as well as being backed by a multi-award-winning claims team.

Case study

Unclear contractual responsibilities result in property development loss

The insured assisted a long-running client in the development project of a large listed building. The costs of the development increased significantly resulting in the insured losing in excess of £500,000. The claimant brought a claim against the insured alleging that the insured had not solely acted as the architect but as a project manager responsible for the oversight of the whole project and as an advisor in the size and availability of a grant. Allegations were also brought about the level of information and the actual advice provided by the insured in his employed role.

The insured disputed the allegations and both sides adopted polarised positions. The matter was extremely complicated with issues relating to the available evidence, contractual responsibilities and the involvement of multiple satellite parties. The matter subsequently proceeded to mediation. The combined legal costs to proceed to trial were estimated by both parties to exceed £750,000 and liability depended on which party was believed based primarily on witness evidence. The claim was settled at mediation to the satisfaction of both parties for a sum in excess of £330,000 including legal fees.

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