Business Hub

Previously known as Law Hub, Business Hub is an online hub containing 850+ DIY contracts, policies, forms, and letter templates, covering every area of business, including health and safety, trading and contracts, and cyber and data.

It’s written by a team of expert solicitors who have a huge wealth of experience advising on daily business issues and includes:

  • 850+ DIY contracts, policies, forms, and letter templates
  • 460+ straightforward guides
  • 350+ links to key resources
  • Over 50,000 users
  • Up-to-date information on new legislation and case-law
  • Easy to use – online, mobile and tablet
  • Live chat available Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 17:00

In addition, our blog page on the portal provides SMEs with updates on the latest legal developments.


Who is it for?*

Businesses can use Business Hub to help them navigate their everyday legal challenges. However, if you don’t have access as part of your insurance cover, you can still benefit from Business Hub – the annual subscription is £189 plus VAT.

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How do I activate it?

Businesses and policyholders who have access to Business Hub can register to use it at You’ll need a valid policy number or token code to register: Markel policies will start with SC or A. For example: SC1234A160WX/6789 or A12345/1016.

Please provide your name, certificate number, contact details, and brief details of the problem or advice being sought. Once you have been verified as a Markel UK policyholder, an experienced solicitor will deal with your query.

If you have any problems accessing the service, email us at:

*Please refer to your policy for exact services included. Learn more.