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The new digital-first marketing platform from Markel UK, transforming the way you speak to your clients.

EngineRoom+ has been built with you and your clients in mind.

Fueled with tried and tested marketing messages from over 25 years of expertise in the market, users of EngineRoom+ will benefit from:
  • Reduced administration for your business  
    Quickly and easily register, build and send schedule a campaign in less than 10 minutes.  
  • Increase conversion, growth and cross-sell opportunity to your clients 
    Maximise your business revenue by leveraging Markel’s market-leading support and wider suite of products and services.  
  • Boost connectivity with your clients 
    White-labelled campaigns enabling you to engage with clients throughout the year. 
  • Optimise and improve your marketing capabilities  
    Real-time analytics a to gain insight into performance and drive take-up 
  • Safeguard your client security  
    100% GDPR – compliant platform – security for both your businesses’ and client's data  
  • Deliver a greener solution for your business 
    Paperless alternative to traditional direct mail 

Who is it for?

EngineRoom+ is currently only available to Markel Tax fee protection insurance policy holders, but will be available to other customers shortly.

How do I access it?

In order to access EngineRoom+, please either speak to your dedicated Markel UK representative, or get in touch via the form here.

*Please refer to your policy for exact services included. Learn more.

Designed for growth

Explore how our clients are using EngineRoom+ to drive growth for their business.


Generating Fee Protection Insurance incomes is now easier for accountants with EngineRoom+.