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Cyber helpline

Practical, jargon-free advice from cyber experts advising on issues such as understanding software security and vulnerabilities, as well as building disaster recovery plans.

Our dedicated helpline assists with risk management and preventing claims and is manned by our specialist solicitors at Markel Law LLP and information security experts at NCC group.

The service provides practical, jargon-free advice from cyber experts, on issues such as:
  • Understanding software security and unresolved vulnerabilities (e.g. Heartbleed security bug)
  • Starting a disaster recovery plan or other types of cyber risk management
  • Responding to a subject access request
  • Information on the cyber essentials certification and ISO27001

Who is it for?*

Most businesses will come across a cyber issue at some point, meaning that having access to expert legal and technical IT security, cyber, and data protection advice can prove invaluable.

How do I access it?

Markel UK cyber risks policyholders or those with cyber insurance as part of another cover can access the helpline by contacting Markel Law LLP by telephone (available Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:30 pm) on 0333 234 2471.

Please provide your name, certificate number, contact details, and the nature of the problem or the advice being sought. Once you have been verified as a Markel UK policyholder, an experienced solicitor will be able to deal with your query.

Please note – guidance provided should not be used to substitute formal legal or technical advice or for repeated routine queries.

*Please refer to your policy for exact services included. Learn more.

Case study

Email Attack – Sensitive information

A policyholder’s email system was hacked and emails relating to payments, invoices, and deposits were intersected by cybercriminals. Thankfully, their cover included cyber risks.

After calling the helpline, our cyber expert assisted with the problem at hand and guided them through the process of liability for payments and also helping with a PR statement for their customers and website.