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Lack of funding can restrict and inhibit growth as companies operate in increasingly competitive markets.

  • Dedicated funding team that continually appraises available grants, loans and other funds to source the most appropriate funding available for businesses
  • Typically secures over £15 million in grant funding for UK businesses per year
  • Worked with 500+ manufacturing, technology and creative companies, which allows us to introduce experts from outside the business if needed
There is an extensive range of grant funding available and the success criteria for winning it is often complex; engaging with a specialist team significantly increases the chance of a successful application.
Our specialist team:

  • Secures grant funding for both established businesses and innovative ‘early start’ companies
  • Searches out the best grant for the business to ensure successful submission
  • Doesn’t push businesses towards a grant that isn’t suitable for them
  • Works alongside experts in R&D tax credits meaning we can ensure businesses secure grant funding in a tax-efficient manner

About Grant Funding

Our team are also well versed in other funding schemes across the UK and EU. These include:

  • UK-based specialist R&D grants (e.g. Innovate UK, SBRI, DASA etc.)
  • Horizon Europe (including European Innovation Council (EIC) schemes e.g. EIC Accelerator)
  • Eurostars
  • Capital grants

The aim of the £100 billion of capital investment is to kick-start growth and support jobs, including through capital grant and loan funding. We can help access these schemes which are usually managed regionally and help fund the purchase of capital items (machines, equipment, buildings, renovations, extensions etc.) and are directly linked to job creation.

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