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Umbrella compliance

We have been active in the umbrella compliance industry for a number of years, advising new and long-established businesses on seemingly never-ending compliance hurdles and HMRC activity.

Dedicated team that provides clear-cut advice

  • Services that can be tailored to individual needs or packaged up
  • Fees are fixed from the outset, ensuring no hidden costs or escalating hourly rates

Umbrella compliance support we offer

Retainer services

Our retainer services ensure clients can call us with any issues as and when they arise. This may include reviewing contracts, processing problems and employee issues. We can also provide an annual review at your premises, including training of your internal staff, to ensure you remain compliant.

HMRC enquires

We can provide representation, from compliance reviews through to tribunals.

Umbrella contract review

We will review the upper contract you issue to your agencies or clients to ensure you are not operating as an agency under the agency legislation. We then provide a written report detailing any strengths and weaknesses against an HMRC attack and advise on changes to strengthen the contract where necessary.

Full company review

We will review your entire suite of documents from marketing to internal compliance, including client contracts, employee contracts, payslips, expenses policies, expenses claim forms, registration forms, AWR policies, conduct regulations, employee guidance, and client policies. Upon completion of the review, we prepare a detailed report of all tax compliance areas affecting your business, identifying where there is scope for HMRC to challenge, along with detailed advice on how to correct or tighten up procedures going forward.

Other services

We provide expert advice and support on self-employed models (more information can be found on our Status page), back office payroll and we are also Managed Service Companies legislation specialists.

Learn more about our range of umbrella compliance solutions for your clients.