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Property dispute resolution

We can assist you with any landlord and tenant dispute you may have.

We handle disputes such as possession, dilapidation, breach of covenant, renewal, service of notices and whether or not you have been granted a lease or licence. We also have significant experience in advising in relation to boundary disputes, rights of way, trespass and removal of squatters.

Whether you have a commercial or residential lease query, our team can assist. We have an existing team that deals solely with landlord and tenant disputes who act for, amongst others, one of largest commercial letting agents in the UK.

At Markel Law, we have experience advising insured and uninsured clients.


We assist landlords through the process from serving notice on the tenant that possession is required, to issuing a claim for possession in the County Court and recovering possession after judgment. The success of claims for possession often relies on accuracy. The solicitors can take care of the process, ensuring that clients get their property back as quickly as possible.


Our team advised throughout the unique challenges Covid-19 brought to claims involving possession and kept up to date with the changes to help clients navigate through the pandemic. We are therefore expertly placed to assist, in a cost-effective manner.

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