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Regulatory and Professional Support

We're here to help by tailoring solutions to support the care sector.

With a range of regulatory and professional bodies supporting the Health and Social Care Sector, MCP has experts to support your business’s regulation and professional needs. Whether the CQC, CIW, CIS, RQIA, Ofsted, DoE, Charity Commission, Home Office or HSE, our support also includes professional requirements and bodies inclusive of NMC, SWE, HCPC and GTC among others.

Our regulatory compliance services include Mock Inspections, Independent Visits (Reg 44/25 and 17), registration of services and managers, and supporting providers with regulatory actions, conditions, plans and challenges. As well as supporting improvement journeys.

Our professional services offer support to Managers, Trustees, Frontline Staff and Senior Leaders, from mentoring and management/trustee and professional training and support, to supervision, and specific CPD and professional competency and compliance issues.

Services available:

  • Registration

    Assistance in registering a range of services with regulators across CQC, Ofsted, CIW, CIS, RQIA and the Charity Commission.

  • Support to Registered Managers

    Assistance in preparing for Fitness to Practice Interviews, Management Supervision, Mentoring to ensure your managers register and are retained.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Mock Inspections across CQC and Ofsted, inclusive of the new Single Assessment Framework and Semi Independent Regulations. Introducing Home Office Compliance Checks for Sponsorship Licence Holders. Provision of Independent Visitors who provide the require experience for Reg 44, Reg 25 and Reg17 visits and report writing.

  • Regulatory Training

    Specific training to support positive inspection and grading improvements. Inclusive of ‘Think like an Inspector’, Evidencing Good Practice and Good to Outstanding. Trustee Training and Management Training made bespoke to your service.

  • Improvement following downgrading or breaches/Conditions/Enforcement Actions

    Turnaround support for improvement journeys, working with providers bespoke issues and seeking to improve gradings swiftly.