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Commissioning, tendering and service growth

We're here to help by tailoring solutions to support the care sector.

Markel Care Practitioners possesses substantial expertise in the commissioning of care and service across all adult and children and families client settings and a range of commissioners across health, social care, private funders, LA, CCG, NHS and third party funding. To enable providers to effectively win, manage and meet their contracts and grow and maintain their business.

Whether supporting organisational growth, diversity of service provision or regulatory compliance, MCP understands the competitive nature of commissioning. Working directly with clients to complete required documentation to ensure they win Tenders, as well as training on Tendering Processes, being preferred providers and working with local pathways and frameworks. MCP give you access to experts with years of experience with successful tenders, negotiation of packages of care and effective business growth.

  • Commissioning and tender services

    We can do any combination of the following for you:

    • Development of commissioning strategies in consultation with your leadership teams and key stakeholders
    • Preparation of business cases to support commissioning intent and procurements, and presentation to decision makers
    • Strengthening your procurement staff to assist in areas where there is a skill gap
    • Advising on procurement approaches, including European OJEU procedures
    • Mentoring in-house staff so they are more capable of taking full responsibility for commissioning and procurement requirements
    • Assistance on evaluation of tenders and management and support of bidders meetings
    • Contract management following award of tenders
    • Development of contract suites, for verification with your in-house or external legal teams
    • Leadership of change management where dictated by approved commissioning strategy
    • Assist in developing partnership arrangements with NHS agencies, CCGs etc.
  • Specific tendering training and support

    Markel Care Practitioners are experts in the tendering process and can share their knowledge as commissioners and in writing tenders, enabling you to be successful in the tendering process. Tendering applications are time consuming and often require specific techniques to ensure that they represent both the uniqueness of your organisation and that they answer and evidence the requested information succinctly, making your application stand out.

    Whether it be training around the tender process, development of strategies for tending, completing tendering documents or evaluating current agreements, partnership applications or supporting your organisation to grow and develop. Markel Care Practitioners has a proven track record of successful tender support and ability to share their knowledge to ensure that your organisation’s purpose, passion and expertise is expressed enabling growth.