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Bespoke Consultancy, Projects and Plans

We're here to help by tailoring solutions to support the care sector.

Markel Care Practitioners (MCP) understands that every care business is as unique as those they support and we tailor our services for every individual client. MCP offers clients with larger project requirements an initial consultation to ensure a bespoke proposal of work which meets your needs.

Examples of these include:

  • Covid 19 Review against Government Strategies and Guidance Adult Residential and Dom Care.
  • Communication Effectiveness Analysis and Impact, Large Charity.
  • Development of Staff Retention and Recruitment
  • Cycle to Work Feasibility Project, Dom Care
  • Delegated Responsibility for the Care of Service Users Children under the Recovery Code, Care Provision.
  • Culture of Care Development for Overseas Workers under Sponsorship, Residential Adults.
  • Real World Objects and Risk Potential, Nurseries
  • CQC SAF Project including Think Like an Inspector Training, Transitioning internal Audits to the Framework and Evidence Collection.
  • Children’s Home Growth Strategy including Reg 44s, RM/RI recruitment and Retention, and Governance Framework Development.
  • Investigation and Complaints Training, specially in respect of Self Funding Drug and Alcohol Rehab.