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Markel Insurance

Commercial litigators

Markel has been providing ATE insurance for almost 20 years and can cater for any type of dispute with the potential for adverse costs risks.

At Markel we only have legally qualified risk assessors. This allows us to really understand each individually assessed case on its own merits, as it is being considered by people with appropriate training and experience.

If there is an area that we have not listed for which you require ATE cover, please contact us on 0370 607 8999 or e-mail us at

Areas of Law

Some of the key areas for which ATE insurance is typically requested are listed below. Please note that we do not insist on a law firm being instructed on a CFA for us to quote.

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Insolvency Cases

The current economic climate is placing a significant burden on company finances, and creditors are looking to make sure their money is protected or recovered where possible. Businesses are increasingly turning to insolvency practitioners, and their lawyers, to offer them a litigation insurance solution that will significantly reduce their risk and exposure to costs.

Judicial Reviews

Markel has dealt with a number of enquiries relating to Judicial Review and we have lengthy experience of the complexity involved in this type of case. We understand the importance of obtaining protection when faced with this type of litigation. Putting in place ATE insurance can give the client costs certainty and peace of mind.

Contentious Trusts and Probate

Contentious probate is a growth area in litigation and we regularly receive enquiries from clients seeking ATE insurance to preserve their position.

Intellectual Property Disputes

Whether your client is pursuing or defending an Intellectual Property dispute, the path forward can seem complicated and, potentially, very costly. We are experienced in all types of IP disputes, and we will work with you to arrive at a policy that is not only specifically tailored to that piece of litigation, but also gives your client costs certainty.

Contract Disputes

We regularly receive enquiries relating to contractual disputes - from relatively small cases involving individuals, to blue chip companies engaged in a significant and high-value dispute.

Clinical Negligence Litigation

Obtaining ATE insurance for clinical negligence litigation can be difficult, labour intensive and expensive. At Markel, we have developed several solutions for the post-Jackson environment aimed at making the process fast, cost effective and easy to use.

Group Actions

Litigation can be a daunting prospect for the client in any event, but what happens when the action involves many claimants, all seeking the same outcome, from the same person for the same reason?

Download proposal form

To help us to process your application as quickly as possible, some essential information and documentation is required.

  • Make sure you have fully completed and signed the application form

Completing as much information on the application form as possible, allows us to more quickly gain a clear idea of the nature of the litigation, the costs involved, the opponent’s position, possible timescales, and level of cover required.

  • Make sure you attach a short case summary
This is an opportunity for you to provide us with details of the case and outline your strategy. This helps our risk assessors to understand how the case is intended to be approached, and to assess the merits of the case.
  • Make sure you attach any protocol letters and any responses
The letter of the claim, and any responses, enables us to understand the basis of your client’s claim better, whilst also giving us an idea of what the other side’s position is. This gives us a more informed initial overview of the litigation, and assists our risk assessors in accurately assessing the nature of the case.
  • Make sure you have attached a counsel’s opinion
Counsel’s opinion on the merits of the case can be key when submitting a proposal for cover. We do not necessarily require the opinion to include a specific percentage indication of the prospects of success, but it should set out the merits and possible pitfalls of the case and the strategies to overcome those pitfalls. Counsel will need to be an appropriately experienced expert in the area of litigation you are perusing.

Once the information we need has been received, your case will be reviewed by one of our legally qualified risk assessors. They will aim to respond to the application for cover within 10 working days. Missing documentation or information may well delay our being able to deal substantively.

Top rated by brokers

Markel UK is rated as the Top UK Commercial Lines Insurer in the Insurance Times five-star rating report 2019/20. Markel is the only insurer to have received a maximum five-star rating in all service factors.

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