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Abbey Legal rebrand to Markel

Abbey Protection Group, and its associated Abbey branding, has been a part of Markel since 2014. As of 1st May 2019, Abbey Protection Group rebranded to Markel, falling in line with the wider Markel strategy to bring all products and services under a single UK brand.

Author: Markel

Markel Legal Expenses Insurance is the new name for Abbey Legal Protection’s BTE commercial legal policy. This has been underwritten by Markel International Insurance Company since 2014.

Markel After The Event Insurance Services is the new name for Abbey Legal After The Event Services.

Markel Tax is the new name for Abbey Tax and Accountax.

Markel Protection Limited is the new name for Abbey Protection Group Limited and is the corporate member of Markel Law, which is our SRA authorised and regulated legal services business.

You can find out more about any of these brands, as well as their products and services, within the following websites: