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IR35 Expert is now available!

IR35 Expert is the new digital IR35 status-checking tool with integrated support from our tax consultancy experts.

Author: Markel Tax

After weeks of uncertainty, the off-payroll working reforms are here to stay. We know IR35 compliance is extremely important and that’s why we are excited to announce the launch of IR35 Expert, a new digital tool to ensure robust assessment for businesses and recruitment agencies to provide certainty in an ever-changing market.

IR35 Expert has been designed by industry experts and ex-HMRC employees to combine automated decision-making and our expert tax consultancy. This provides accountant-practice users the ability to drive an additional revenue stream for their practice, increase client retention and safeguard clients with a robust solution backed by expert advice.

IR35 now directly affects over 60,000 UK businesses and 20,000 agencies who engage contractors operating through their own limited company. Organisations required to carry out an IR35 assessment must use reasonable care to produce a Status Determination Statement (SDS) that sets out whether an engagement falls inside or outside IR35 legislation.

The tool makes it quick and easy for decision-makers to:

  • Complete a role-based assessment allowing them to advertise vacancies
  • Issue contractor assessments to ensure complete compliance
  • Provide and issue a Status Determination Statement that fulfils the reasonable care obligation

As well as the tool, we’re committed to adding a human layer of due diligence. For example, we’ll work with parties in the first instance to ensure they understand the questions when using IR35 Expert, jump in to support if the final SDS produces a result that was unexpected or intervene if there is a disagreement between the parties over the working arrangements.

On top of this service, clients can also purchase insurance that covers defence costs and even tax liability in the event of a challenge by HMRC.

“There are digital tools already available but given the significant liabilities and fines we have seen in the Public Sector, reliance on a wholly automated decision-making process would not be prudent,” said David Harmer, associate director of Markel Tax.

“IR35 education is still needed as both contractors and companies are finding it difficult to determine the status of many contracts. HMRC provide training but this has not been enough to clarify the intricacies of IR35. Our solution creates the ability to quickly and easily complete role-based assessments for IR35 determinations that deliver clear answers and reduces the time spent on compliance whilst minimising risk for all parties.” he concluded.

For further information about IR35 Expert, contact Markel Tax on 03339201589 or email



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Introducing IR35 Expert

IR35 Expert has been designed by industry experts and ex-HMRC employees to combine automated decision-making and our expert tax consultancy.