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Tyra Ali

Markel Tax

Consultancy Manager

Areas of focus
Contractor solutions

After finishing her law degree Tyra spent a number of years working for HMRC dealing with S.9a enquiries, CIS compliance, PAYE, travelling and subsistence and other compliance areas.  After several years of swiftly working through the grades she decided to join the other side and joined Markel Tax in 2006.  Tyra worked providing specialist advice to clients and successfully defended many clients in IR35, Employment Status, MSC’s, Umbrella’s and Construction Industry, penalties and assisting in many high profiled IR35 Tribunal cases.  She also specialist provided training to external clients, accountants and colleagues in these areas.

Tyra left Markel Tax six years later to head up a company in Social Care Recruitment where she helped to expand, develop and grow the business which dealt with both large and small organisations and businesses providing social care for adults and children.  When her personal situation changed she moved abroad she continued to run the company remotely and then began working with International organisations and NGO’s. Tyra’s background and skills have enabled her to work with a diverse client base providing technical advice whilst working in legal and regulatory contexts both internationally and the UK.

Tyra decided to return and resume her career in Tax Law and returned to England in 2019 to enrol in a Masters course and re-join Markel Tax where she is part of the Contractor Solutions team. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge in many areas including specialist IR35 off-payroll and self-employment, Construction Industry, Agency Legislation and National minimum Wage and defending clients against all types HMRC challenges.