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Markel Care Practitioners

Senior Care Practitioner

London, England
Areas of focus
Markel Care Service

Sue Hortop is a qualified and registered social worker and has over 40 years experience of working within the heath, social care and criminal justice sectors, most recently as Director of a Therapeutic Residential Children’s Home and Registered School for the past 22 years. Her experience includes a good working knowledge of regulation, HR, risk management, strategic planning, care planning, training and supervision. She has extensive knowledge of business planning, management and implementation and maintaining all aspects of the working environment and underpinning this with relevant legislation. Sue is a social work practice teacher and a qualified clinical supervisor and takes a keen interest in the quality of staff development and training needs. She has a positive and proactive approach to staff empowerment through enabling reflective and task focused supervision and training.

Sue has worked alongside high risk adult offenders and children with complex trauma, attachment difficulties and high-risk challenging behaviour. Her experience includes preparation of reports for Crown Court, the Parole Board, children’s placement and court reports. She has mentored and supported colleagues across the sectors in regards to report writing and developing working styles as part of their continuous professional development.