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Markel Care Practitioners

Senior Care Practitioner

London, England
Areas of focus
Markel Care Service
Paula McCabe is a Mental Health Nurse with 27 years’ experience in clinical practice, management and training.  After extensive experience in acute mental health care, Paula specialised in Dementia care with many years’ experience of managing nursing homes. Her expertise includes setting up new services, development and improvement of existing services, project management, staff management and team building.
Paula has a keen interest in developing operational systems and audit processes which assist in delivering sustainable improvements to standards of care.  Recently she has assisted organizations to gain a ‘Learning and Development’ award from The Centre for Assessment and accreditation with the National Autistic Society.  Paula also has considerable experience in staff development and training, having worked as team leader and clinical trainer on UK wide projects.  A particular area of interest is writing and delivering bespoke training in specialist areas such as Dementia, Person Centred Care and Autism.