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Cherryl Pharoah

Markel Care Practitioners

Care Practitioner

London, England
Areas of focus
Markel Care Service
Cherryl Pharoah has worked in Local Government and the Third Sector since qualifying as a social worker in 1993.  During this time, she has held both operational and strategic roles within Children’s Services. She has successfully managed services for Looked After children and the child protection services and has 5 years proven leadership skills as a member of the senior management team.

She has worked as an independent social work consultant since the spring of 2013. This has provided her with many opportunities and new challenges that have permitted her to continue to work alongside Local Authorities and the Private Sector; primarily in fostering, adoption and safeguarding of children and young people. 
Cherryl is also an independent chair of a regional Local Authority Panel and a member of the BAAF Independent Review Mechanism; each of which requires a critical eye and the analysis of complex information.  She is extremely proud to be a trustee for a voluntary adoption service within the North East region. Cherryl prides herself on doing a ‘good job’ at all times and does so by working in collaboration with others and drawing upon the extensive experience she has in children’s social care coupled with her extensive knowledge of legislation and the subjects that are ‘current’ at any given time.