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Property insurance claim

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Please complete all fields below. Tell us what has happened in your own words. The more information you can provide, the sooner we will be able to get your claim to the right team. Please be aware making a fraudulent insurance claim is a criminal offence and the your details may be passed to the enforcement authorities.

Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

Policyholder information

Loss information

Copies of documents

Anything which you think we will need to deal with your claim. This is likely to include photographs, replacement receipts, quotes or estimates, any crime reference number and the original purchase receipts if they are available. If any of this information isn’t available, don’t let it stop you getting in touch. Provide what you can and we will work with you to get your claim paid.

Please send larger documents separately by email or alternatively you may send physical documents via the postal system.


We were aware/not aware at the date of inception (or renewal) of this insurance that this claim, the details of which are set out above was liable to arise.

We declare that all our statements within this claim form are true and complete.

We accept that making a fraudulent insurance claim is a criminal offence and the details may be passed to the enforcement authorities.

We request that Markel UK deal with this matter in accordance with the terms and conditions of our insurance cover. We understand they will collect and use relevant information about us and any other individual’s details we provide to them, in respect of our insurance claim. This information may also be shared with third parties – but only in connection with the claim under the insurance cover. Full information on how Markel process your data can be found here.

We authorise Markel UK to access and use, for the purpose of assessing this claim, the record(s) of our communications with the Legal Help Line. We also authorise Markel UK to disclose information about this claim to the intermediary who arrange this insurance.