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Reducing claims

We're here to help by tailoring solutions to support the care sector.

Reducing insurance claims is one of our specialist areas, linked to enhancing your incident and accident reporting systems and addressing organisational and cultural behaviours of staff and managers.

  • Our training

    We provide:

    • Background for reducing liability and claims
    • Understand the need to investigate – benefits for business and clients
    • Knowledge of what to investigate
    • Determine the causes of incidents
    • Identify the methods of investigation
    • Understand the need to be thorough
    • Identify prevention methods and liability-reducing techniques
    • Establish more robust practices to reduce vexatious or overstated liability claims i.e. negligence and duty of care
  • Deliverables

    Delivered by our experienced Markel Care Practitioners, who have expertise in understanding the integrate nature of practice, risk management and potential exposure to claims as well as accident and incident processes. Our practitioners are able to work with you and your organisation to deliver bespoke training which effects real change, reduces claims and embeds learning into practise.

    This can be delivered through on-site or remote training, and we undertake an initial analysis in partnership with you to fully understand your organisation, systems, gaps and needs. We can support clients to introduce and implement a new incident and accident management system. This includes workshops that resonate to the audience whether managers and frontline employees and empowers them to move forward with confident. We can review and work with you to develop robust systems for report, review and defending potential claims.

    Confidence in claims reduction, accident and incident reporting, management and review enables customers to develop confidence in managing risk, responding to potential claims and protecting their organisation, enabling them to focus on their key objective to support their clients.

  • Course duration

    The course is reflective of the needs of your organisation. Therefore we work with you to tailor it to your specific requirements. We can implement courses for professionals, small or medium scale organisations or across large groups ensuring a consistent approach to training and supporting embedded learning. Markel Care Practitioners constantly keeps you and your organisation central to what we do whether delivering training, supporting system and process review or provide resources and access to our expert practitioners.