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Business continuity planning overview

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Business continuity plans are there for when the worst happens. They support actions during business interruption and enable your organisation to continue to operate. The importance of a robust and effective document is essential for ongoing business resilience and success.

Natural disasters, such as the coronavirus, man-made disasters and disruptions, and other unplanned events can have a dramatic effect on business. Business continuity is a management process that provides a framework to ensure the resilience of your business to continue trading following a disruptive event, thereby helping to ensure continuity of service to your key customers and the protection of your brand and reputation.

Business continuity plans (BCP) are a documented collection of procedures and information that is developed, compiled and maintained in readiness for use in an incident to enable an organisation to continue to deliver its critical activities at an acceptable pre-defined level. Plans need to be clear, concise and tailored to the needs of your business and should become part of the way the organisation does business. Business continuity planning sits alongside crisis management and disaster recovery planning and is a part of an organisation’s overall risk management.

  Risk management BCM
Key methods Risk analysis Business impact analysis
Key parameters All types of events - though usually segmented Impact and time
Size of events All sizes (costs) of events though usually segmented Events causing significant business disruption
Scope Focus primarily on risks to core business activities For strategy planning: survival threating incidents only
Intensity All from gradual to sudden Sudden or rapid events (though response may be appropriate if creeping events become more severe

The coronavirus is an example of why business continuity planning can be so important, and Markel Care Practitioners is here to support you in developing your own bespoke arrangements. Whether reviewing, creating or updating your plans, our experts are available to assist you through the process.