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Markel Insurances

Specialist Care consultancy

As we start to emerge out of the country-wide lockdown, Markel’s in-house care practitioners are here to help care providers to advise and assist them in their decision-making.

We have 25 practitioners from across all client groups (adults and children) who not only understand the key issues being faced across the sector, but are able to provide bespoke sector-specific support for providers relating to the challenges faced as more organisations prepare to open their doors again post lockdown.

 Many of our calls to date are from smaller providers just wanting to clarify how they intend to manage an operation problem - they already have a solution and they want a second opinion.
The chances are that our practitioners will have come across the problem and will be able to advise and support you.

 Operational advice and guidance

Strengthening your Covid-19 risk assessment documents

  • We are responding to requests for advice to strengthen existing risk management plans and threats to the business.

Care-specific client group decision-making support

  • Providers are checking with us that their plans for responding to present difficulties of challenges linked with safeguarding and other incident reporting related concerns are sound.


  • We are working with providers on how they can recover from this unprecedented period of business stress. Some providers are looking to quickly learn lessons and, above all, look at opportunities for growth and repositioning their business in the sector.

 Example of where we support our care customers include:


Business Interruption to Recovery planning

Planning for recovery and transition to future provision of services.
Challenges Business interruption plays a critical part of the whole system's position with care failure or disruption causing a ripple effect across the sector. Organisations are managing business interruption as an ongoing part of their business continuity plan. However, it is also important to plan for the future with a clear and achievable recovery plan and to support providers, service users and staff through further transitions.

Markel Care’s practitioners not only understand the current challenges to your organisation, but also the importance of readiness, planning and securing the future for your vulnerable service users and your business.
Case example: A medium-sized charity provision in the North West has had to close part of their operations, reducing their volunteer workforce, day and community services, as well as facing barriers through their traditional forms of fundraising.

The organisation contacted our practitioners to review their current business interruption arrangements, and ensured that decisions that were made now would not directly impact their potential recovery in the future. Promoting discussion with commissioners, reviewing and considering gaps in their current business interruption models, communicating with their workforce, continuing to offer the public and community reassurance whilst also bolstering their reputation and ensuring their operational viability and sustainability post current Covid-19.

Support provided by the care practitioner enabled them to consider the reduction of services and funding over short and long term, alternative funding avenues and to ensure that they were able to reassure their services users, commissions and stakeholders of their current measures and plan for the future.

Effective risk management

When providers need specific and expert professional peer support and consultancy.
 Challenges Markel’s care practitioners experience and expertise across the sector enable us to provide professional bespoke peer support to small and medium-sized businesses in a time of uncertainty.
Case example:
A medium-sized care provider in the South West has experienced significant cases of Covid-19 across their residents. They contacted our care practitioners for support around implementing and managing visitors to see their loved ones prior to end of life.

A care practitioner spoke directly to the client, supporting them to consider operational factors such as managing the practical and emotional needs of family members via communication process and onsite visiting. This includes considering risk assessments and intervention points to allow those who were near end of life to see their loved ones - as well as scenario testing and constructive feedback and advice. This ensured support for staff who are working with Covid-19 positive patients during end of life, with clear processes for reporting and managing site visitors.

This service has been valuable to organisations who need expert third party support and advice to discuss complex, emotive and operationally sensitive issues.

Crisis Management and Business Continuity Planning

Responding to changing needs.
Challenge Changes in government guidance, responding to operational, health and safety, staff management, community services and supply line issues are central to the considerations of business continuity. Consideration of the Covid-19 challenges are reflected in both urgent/crisis and longer term continuity planning documentation.

Markel Care’s practitioners have extensive experience in supporting organisations to consider business continuity, whether the changes are immediate to form crisis and emergency planning or responding to changes in operations, remote working and issues around staffing.
Case example: A children’s provider requested assistance in reviewing their business continuity planning with one of our care practitioners. The required assistance included communicating with parents and families which they would normally see every day, supporting staff who were working remotely and considering their working from home policies and protocols.

Business continuity is specific to the challenges faced by the organisation and this includes their operation under Covid-19 protocols. The client needed to review environmental mechanisms for sites where there was temporarily limited use. An emergency response was formulated to support their governance with weekly meetings, hierarchy reviews, staffing evaluations and consideration of leave protocols for Covid-19.

Reviewing business continuity specifically within a social setting can be a significant challenge, from funding, to staffing, remote and on-site working, environmental and human needs. Markel Care’s practitioners have specific expertise and specialist tools to guide and assist providers in reviewing measures, providing thought points and reviewing plans as part of a gap analysis. They always remain on hand if a business’ needs change to provide specialist advice and supporting organisations across the sector.

Contact our specialist care consultancy team

Markel’s qualified care specialists are on hand to support care providers through Covid-19 – whether it’s for complex operational advice or a second opinion to reinforce decision making, we are here to help care providers run their business effectively.

Markel Care clients are eligible for eight hours of free care consultancy advice a year, as part of their insurance policy.

Policyholders can contact our specialist care consultancy on:

020 8730 6001

If you are not an existing Markel Care policyholder, but want to take advantage of our care consultancy services there are a number of Pay As You Go (PAYG) options listed below.

Markel Care for Children


Markel Care for Elderly


Markel Care for Vulnerable Adults